The Website Installer located in our Compila Hosting Control Panel will give you a quick and easy approach to generate a fresh site that has a custom appearance in under a few minutes. All it takes is just 4 simple steps for your web site to be on the web. It is possible to select from over 200 readily available website themes and as soon as everything is ready, you are able to deal with your website with a click of the mouse. We’ll give you logon data for the management area and you should be able to start putting in completely new web pages in an instant. In case, anytime, you need help – our tech engineers are available 24x7, all set to aid you.

The Website Installer is available with every Linux shared website hosting, VPS services, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and dedicated hosting services package coming using the Compila Hosting Control Panel.

An Immediate Webpage Installer

Publish your website with merely a mouse click

If you are not skilled in website coding, it could be very hard to work with a website installation without any help – should you not utilize easy–to–use site development applications just like the instantaneous Website Installer that’s built into the Control Panel. To employ the tool, you just need to select a style and design theme for use on your web site and after that set it up with merely a click. You don’t need to possess any html coding experience to kickstart your web site. You can integrate new webpages and add text content and pictures to them really easily. If you don’t like the change you’ve made you are able to revert it and try again. It’s all really easy to take care of.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Website Themes In Your Hands

Launch your new site with merely a click

To assist you to have a new website on the web as soon as possible, we’ve crafted an assortment of web themes available. Depending on the function of your website, you can find a wonderful theme for your blog site or online gallery as well as the ideal style and design for your personal portfolio. All templates are available for free use inside your Control Panel. We are working to design new web themes as per the most recent design tendencies to be able to provide you with a better choice for your websites.

200+ Free Templates

Round–the–clock Support

The website hosting representatives are available night and day

The tech support crew comprises of engineers that have worked a few years in the hosting sector. They are trained to work with all kinds of troubles and are available 24/7/365, in a position to help you. Besides that, we’ve got FAQ and quite a few training videos.

Plus, Compila Hosting offers a 1–hour answer–back time frame warranty, which means that you will receive a solution to your issue as fast as possible. The normal response time frame is lower than 20 minutes.

24/7 Support